ROE_0192Before you choose Narativ PR to tell your story, it’s only fitting I tell you mine. 

I’m Tanya Osegueda—mother of two, wife, coffee lover, businesswoman, and a person who chases my passions every day of my life. One of my biggest and most enduring passions? Public relations and marketing.

I’m an award-winning public relations and marketing practitioner who’s been doing what I love for the past 13 years. I trained in the San Francisco Bay Area, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in public relations from San Jose State University and jumping into the workforce right away—cutting my teeth at an agency where I worked with national and high-tech clients. Life brought me to the Central Valley, where I’ve refined and expanded my skills for the past decade.

I’ve helped launch a Fortune 500 company’s new product. I’ve created collateral and overseen media coverage for a major university. I’ve managed crisis communications for a national breaking news story. I’ve introduced the public to a homebuilder’s latest innovation. I’ve taken a local story to the front page of the L.A. Times. And, just as importantly, I’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with dozens of small businesses and community organizations to develop their marketing strategies and tell their stories to the public.


Here’s What Sets Me Apart

I have a unique combination of large- and small-business experience with a dash of politics thrown in. I’ve worked for agencies and I’ve worked as an in-house communications professional. What does this mean? I know what both sides of the table expect, I’m flexible enough to jump between two worlds, and I’m prepared to handle anything my clients need.

Narativ PR is me. And with me, you get a wide variety of experience and a tool belt equipped to help solve any problem your business might have, whether it’s tried-and-true traditional or innovation for the modern world.

One thing that all my years in public relations and marketing have taught me is that the client’s needs are paramount. That’s one of the reasons I started Narativ PR. I want to strip away the bells and whistles that bog down too many marketing plans and focus on what’s most important. It’s the content that matters, the story.

Your story.

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